Updates: Tyler on PowerHacking CSS to cutestrap your app in this latest episode!

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S1E5: RISC-V runtime on the Web

Hooking a RISC-V web runtime with wasm / selfie.c to build a C compiler that we can host in a web page. Mostly a case study.

S1E4: Pixel Embedded Digital Signatures

Digitally signing PNGs, with a hidden embedding.

S1E3: Infinite Volume Wheels

Rotary encoders are infinite volume knobs - let’s hook one up to a webpage.

S1E2: DIY Custom Key Deck

Build your own custom key deck through the Linux UAPI in python, then add some custom functionality.

S1E1: Public Company Wordclouds

Public companies report earnings quarterly. In this session, we take transcripts of these calls and live code a word cloud based on their logo in python.