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Bitboi Classic

SomeCodingGuy's Streambadge

When Trevor Alan Gomes built the most absurdly overengineered donation alert on Twitch showing his Gamemaker Pro game playing on an original Nintendo Entertainment System, he didn’t know that Some Guy was actually going to build it.


…was Saturday 9/26/2020, but personalized bitboi NES ROMs are still available for free to anyone with sufficient free twitch channel points on https://twitch.tv/SomeCodingGuy (Digital Engraving redemption). Come get your own!

Sample Personalized Game

E8: Gameplay

Time to add note collection gameplay to our game

E7: Platformer Physics

Adding 2d physics to a platformer for jump kinematics

E6: Sprite Packing and Large Sprites

Moving to 2x3 (16x24 pixel) player sprites, by building a sprite packer

E5: Full Collision Detection

Using the coin counter to finish player collision detection

E4: On Screen Debug

Using a coin counter to show debugging values on screen

E3: Basic Collision Detection

Adding basic collision detection on the right side and down

E2: Level Editor

Building a graphical NES level editor

E1: Attract

Starting an NES Game build with an Attract Screen