Updates: Tyler on PowerHacking CSS to cutestrap your app in this latest episode!

The Power Hackers

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The Power Hackers share one common theme - they love to hack.

This series is a journey through their stories as we go behind the scenes in what it took to build some great hacks, the inspiration behind their ideas, and their advice on learning and embodying the art of hackery.

E5: Tyler

Tyler began by only having CSS to repair part of a site to building Cutestrap and mastering the Front End styling needed for good looking hackery

E4: Joey

Joey went from Human Computer interactions in defense on Silicon Graphics to Game Development and retro hacks including a virtual visit to blockbuster in VR at Netflix

E3: Nora

Nora injects failure to build reliability - and then went on to build a startup showing companies how to uncomplicate their own systems

E2: Bogdan

Bogdan relives some of his greatest Netflix hackery, from retro 50s TVs to a fitbit that pauses your show when you sleep

E1: Carenina, Alex, and Guy

Carenina, Alex, and Guy go behind the scenes on some of their greatest joint hacks