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E1: Carenina, Alex, and Guy

Carenina, Alex, and Guy go behind the scenes on some of their greatest joint hacks

The Power Hackers series kicks off with Carenina, Alex, and Guy traversing the epic arc of putting Netflix on the original Nintendo, Streaming in the middle of nowhere in Kazakhstan, building Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard a special #netflix #binge clock, the One True Single Button Interface with an AT&T telegraph key for the PS4, and building a full server stack on a pair of cell phones with a custom Android firmware. They were promised glory, but winning happened less often than expected.


all right what's up everybody how are
you all doing we are
at a interesting moment in coding with
some guy history because tonight
we have something special for all of you
hello 715 a little nightshade dude hello
uh we have we are starting the wow ccve
all right we are starting the power
hackers series tonight
so tonight we have two of the greatest
hackers i have ever had the pleasure of
working with on
hack after hack after hack and they are
here on the line are you two both here
we're here we're here all right so up
ahead we have
carenina motion uh hacker extraordinaire
current uh organizer i guess i i don't
even know what to say
genius uh electrical engineer uh tpm
liaison everything you need to know in
the valley to get stuff done
uh kind of person and we have alex wolfe
a friend that i originally met in hong kong
and that you heard about for those of
you who were here last night and
aka wubbadubdub who is also a hardcore coder
and hacker extraordinaire so without
further ado
let's go get the two of them up on the
screen hello
say hi to everybody how are you doing
you doing great hey all right cool wow
we have video we have this is this is a
new technical
first for coding with some guy so this
is this is a big moment i'm very excited
um the we have uh well we have a full
house we're stacked with mods tonight so
that is just
awesome hey what's up nightshade dudes
giving you a wave so
um i believe this is uh alex you've been
on twitch before carenina
this is your first time on twitch right
it's my first time
so excited welcome welcome wow you're
getting golf claps
you're getting you're getting the hey
guys you're getting you're getting all
the good stuff
so all right well
to kick this off we have uh we have a
set of presentations for you we have
some pretty fun stuff we're going to
take a little trip down memory lane and
how we built some of
well what i consider some of some of our
best hacks i mean
this this is the the og crew i told you
about they are they were there in the
when i started at netflix back in
nice nice maya lurk there by the way cam
in uh 20 what was that 2013
did i leave hong kong i don't i don't
even remember 2013
yeah 2013. okay so went over there alex
came over
shortly after i just accidentally
mentioned you know they were like so if
you were just gonna work with a great
programmer who would it be i was like
well you need alex and then you know
next thing you know alex is on a plane
and we have oh wow
your wife is giving us a hard time
we're not we're not fully coordinated hk
cupcake just just for reference but
um this is i'm actually wearing just
just to be thematic
i am wearing the original hack day shirt
i wear this practically never
um that's uh and
alex has a pretty cool uh texture
it looks like nasa but it's pure nerd
that's that's from the tech in uh
san jose right
yes yes the tech music i missed the
moment i could have worn my favorite
i i didn't i don't think they had a memo
i think uh i think alex and i just
thought hack and we went well
let's wear something hack on it and then
you're you're well
you always wear something good you're
what do you mean
what memo do you need so carenina was
already at netflix when i came over i
was i was her junior
uh let's when did you actually first
join there
2011 or 2011 2011.
wow so that's like like millionth
percentile like basically everybody at
the company aside from reading
ted or newer than you pretty sure
yeah the quickster time when you joined
yeah uh i don't know if we're allowed to
talk about
quickster uh is that is that a forbidden
or am i i feel like it might be bad
karma oh and pooch is in the background
look at this we have some stories with
the dog don't we she just snuck
in behind you
uh we met in the valley the dog and i we
that's a very very interesting time when
i met
uh karate and so that was um i
so this is what i remember the first
time we met was
at uh i don't know if you remember
sherry codiana
good friend of mine still okay that's
super cool i have not spoken her a year
she's super cool
and she happened to have a little speak
easy and
i forgot what drink she was making but
it was really good
i'm sure i just remember that and that
was kind of my blurry
first caranita memory before learning
about your technical awesomeness we were
all uh
that was a pretty cool place where they
used to have those things but ah
long hit netflix history now but um
and alex obviously i already knew like
he you you came over they were like all
right you know technical screen
and then they just pretty much were like
all right get in here
so that's i woke up one day and i
checked my phone and he left me this
message it said oops
and i was like what i opened it and he's
like i may have
dropped your name you might have
accidentally hired
sorry uh question mark
we're moving to california yeah moving
actually manager stalking me on linkedin
yeah he knew alex knew instantly that it
was i
screwed it up bad and
and uh you you ended up working on the
videos with with us we were we were in
the same
team originally in tv ui uh carenina
was sort of
adjacent i'm sorry i'm going to say this
right because i really need to say this
cara nina how is that better okay all
right so
okay okay so uh she was adjacent to us
in the partner org at the time right
okay so that was um
yeah that was wow that's way back okay
um yeah that was so we were basically
like a floor apart from each other so
alex and i were
were on actually we weren't in a at that
point you we had already moved over
to the new buildings or were you already
there yeah it was the old buildings it
was the old buildings
this was like gold oh yeah because when
we did the hack we're in the
we're in the old building okay
oh god so that's actually the first of
the legendary acts which
we're going to talk about because this
this leads to a super awkward moment
when i approached carenina about uh
joining a hack idea so uh to those of
you who were here last night i
i said when i when i came to silicon
valley uh
like in the life story i was like we
need to like
be more geek than geek we need to
channel was
and we need to like be like was like we
like we must
master the code in and of course i i
think i took that a little too literally
because we we
our first hack we were on a 6502
processor we were
we were rocky on the original nintendo
it it started as a dare with a team that
was kind of adjacent to yours caranita
the uh
the partner um the partner what
what are they called you're you're there
now actually yeah partner ecosystem
i mean yeah partner ecosystem that's
probably the best way to say it
yeah and that that team's responsible
putting netflix on every sort of tv in
the world right
like tvs set-top boxes streaming sticks
like anything that goes in your living
okay um they they we had
we didn't really have that notion of
smart tv at the time we just sort of had
we had tvs that may or may not
have have our content on them and
that was that was before uh some fun at
one of the e3s where they declared what
a smart tv
was and wasn't but at that point we were
a very scrappy company trying like hell
to get netflix to show up and be
available for everybody want to watch
netflix everywhere we had
a lot of we had a ton of content we had
basically two shows
um that were ours i'd say and
and at the time we had joined we were
just about about to launch season two of
house of cards right
this is a little blurry for this this
walk down memory lane but um
i had actually talked to alex a little
bit about like you know
we were trying hard to like kind of
break in and like you know
get people take us seriously i don't
know how do you describe that
when you first join a company
yeah well i mean you're trying to figure
things out and
not get fired yeah yeah
carenina was already like totally
she'd figured this out like she
understood what was going on
she understood the lay of the land alex
and i were
like brand new freshmen you know no
like we had just danced like that you
used to
used to the new hires used to dance at
netflix because
reasons i mean they used to every
quarter they had the whole company
go into um like an amphitheater
and they had the company meetings there
all together and then we had pizza
uh but part of that was all the new
hires had to go on stage and they had to
yep i loved that pizza but then they
were like now we're tired of pizza and
i'm like i'm such a
sucker for pizza so that was really bad
i think i think talking about the dance
i made carenina choke a little bit i'm
very sorry about that
i probably should have warned you before
mentioning the dance but
uh my i was up on stage for uh as part
of the lilly hammer
relaunch so we were dressed as gangsters
so i was trying to be a gangster
this totally ridiculous outfit that was
not super gangster
but i i tried my best um and we all
yes it is a great headset by the way 715
it incidentally is the headset that we
used uh
at extra life in a previous year so we
we realized that this headset works
this is not a plug for the headset like
i'm not there's no sponsorship here we
we tried out a bunch of headsets we
liked these and at some point
we would play games and we would play
and alex and i had to have a talk with
we had to we said carenina this is a
very serious matter
we know you're our friend but you're
yeah we have we have to do something
about that so she's totally in the club
so anyway uh we ended up there so we
danced we did our thing
and i uh alex i i said to the partner
team who was responsible for getting tvs
i i needed to get a feature
from them and they were really busy on
a actually i guess we could talk about
it's public now they were they were very
wondering whether we could run netflix
on the wii u
uh sorry the wii not the wii u the uh no
no no
no no it was the wii u okay yeah it was
the wii u
and they were um basically saying like
you know
man i don't know if this thing's gonna
work you know they were having trouble
with like the internal build of like you
know how how we built things at netflix
at the time and like we hadn't done a
ton of optimization and
and so they were like yeah we're
struggling to get this to build and i
was trying to get them to
work on this smart tv feature for like
instant on you know which was
kind of the suspend resume stuff that
you two might remember
but um i i basically said to them i said
you know i was trying to like come on
just implement my feature they're like
nah you're new here you know
like whatever and i was like i was like
no come on come on like i really need
like just one like code fix like
everybody needs a code fix like everyone
needs like a patch ever you know they
were they're a little stressed like we
super thin on staff at the time like you
know this is not the netflix of today
this is the netflix of 2013 like 2014
and i said to them i was like uh you
guys with your
gigahertz and your gigabytes of ram like
that's a piece of cake why don't i fix
that for you and you fixed my feature
and they were like
oh come on guy like you know you're what
are you talking about like
and i was like yeah yeah you know i mean
i could get that to work i'm like a
super nintendo
like you know what do you mean like
nintendo like a wii u
a wii a piece of cake right let's get it
to work on a super nintendo you know
what forget the super nintendo let's go
all the way down to the nintendo they're
like okay
i had accidentally caught their
attention and they noticed
and i said oh crap and so i went over to
alex shortly after i was like
we got to figure out how to get this
thing to work on the nintendo he's like
that's kind of you were a little
surprised that day weren't you
yeah i mean i was like five months in i
had like just joined
and then there's like a hack day thing
and people are talking about i'm like
what is this
and guys like okay we're going to get
netflix onto the nintendo
okay yeah um
and hey what's up wow samuel garan
what's up everybody joining
um so we basically yeah that we we knew
that we couldn't do it alone we needed a
little more help we needed somebody who
knew the ways of netflix a little bit
better than than us two nubians
those two freshmen so we went kind of
looking around did you know i
i met a friend of mine um that she was a
friend of a friend she had just started
uh from i used to live in boston and her
told me about this is emily so you two
both remember him
and she emily had just started at
netflix and i was like hey
you know i was like i was talking alex i
was like you know how are we going to
really sell this like how are we going
to really like
drop this nes it's not enough to just
build netflix on the original nintendo
we got to like
we gotta come out big like like we gotta
we gotta we gotta go big in the valley
like like we gotta be
like the geek of geek like we gotta be
og geek
woz we need a rap video
we need a rap video i think there's no
way around it other than a rap video and
alex kind of looked at me like i don't
know how did you feel about that when i
first brought that idea
well i wasn't going to rap
you made that pretty clear
so i dropped by and emily was hanging
out with carenina
and i think karadina didn't remember our
oh did we lose your audio carenina is
is it oh there you are okay cool yeah
you're back so we were in the lunch room
yes emily and i yeah yep they were in
the lunch room
and i knew i had a week opening i i i
was not
in a position of power i was i was
dropping by and i was not in a good
negotiating position and i was
going to try to talk these two ladies
into joining our rap video
and i just kind of blurted out the first
thing that came out of my mouth hey you
want to be in my rap video
and that look you see that look that
carenina has given that that was that's
what i got
okay but i need some ladies for my rap
and then yeah okay it was even worse
than what i remember
emily i was like it's very bad that's
what he says
carenina knew knew better than what i
and um yeah it was it was pretty bad i'm
i'm not gonna put a good face on it it
was it was pretty bad it was the wrong
thing to say
and um not not not the last one either
had a few doozies over the years i
explained why it wasn't the right thing
to say
yep yep and i got it i got it uh but uh
anyway we we all got don't be that guy i
was that guy
you're an american that's totally that
guy um
and uh yeah so for
whatever reason um emily said no
still still still baffled to this day
why did she say no because i was like
we're going to put netflix on the
original nintendo and she's like
no it's like yeah this is totally fine
and um carenina said yes but
i'm i'm gonna i'm not gonna be in the
video i'm gonna help you out
but i can see you need help
and uh is that is that fair is that is
that a
fair description of it yes yes okay
and i ended up helping with the video
and she
actually being in it you did most of the
camera work initially actually and
uh we bounced around i think you have a
sag credit
because um totally you had a speaking
line i mean
oh actually the whole video starts with
you giving the presentation
that's right exactly she was pitching it
why netflix that was that was perfect so
this yeah she actually built a full
business case like
like just sort of in the style like it's
complete perfect mockumentary like just
like netflix needs to be on the nes
there are how many of these things are
there worldwide
i don't remember it it was like she did
a whole business picture she's just like
she's like okay there's 65 million i
don't know something like that
whatever the number was but um we and we
basically yeah we pulled in directors
she had a
board room full of directors and vps and
she was pitching
nintendo that that was that was that was
good i i got better
after she let me know that my initial
approach was not solid
and uh gave me a little bit of a talking
so oh you clipped that cam come on
i'm never getting away from that one
anyway so that's when
we basically took the awesome and
we switched to the more awesome so for
you two i'm i'm cutting the scene over
so that they can see the pictures that
we've we've gone and collected here
um and this was the switch this this was
the more awesome switch
so this was basically kind of at the
start of things
we were basically hitting the more
awesome so this was our
first like delivery of netflix i
this was you know netflix used to do
dvds right
that was fine right so the idea of
delivering a cartridge to a user
just seemed like it would work right
business pitch-wise so like we this was
the delivery team
um allen here was in devops they didn't
call devops back then but he was
responsible for delivering tv code and
so we're like
all right here's the cartridge you know
like like check out this cool cartridge
it totally is
legit right runs netflix so he's like
what do you want me to do
so this is basically us on stage
can you two by the way see these
pictures are you yeah
yeah okay um i don't know why it doesn't
want to
full screen scale this stuff but i was
kind of hoping
that it would zoom to fit
i feel like that yep that's that's what
we need
okay so let's no it doesn't want to zoom
that so
anyway we were basically hanging out on
stage we've got
netflix within the two-bit glory and
we've got
carenina's like what am i doing with
these two hooligans in this shot
and we're sitting there and they would i
mean how are we set up this was like
on the side right you know they were
flipping sides
that day yeah i think so yeah they were
we had a um yeah we had like that's i
think that's my laptop sitting up there
like next to a coffee perilously hanging
on the edge but
uh that is by the way that is prime that
is the primogen
cam we we started at almost the same
time so primogen by the way for you too
is paulson
you're gonna hear about prime
occasionally um so that that is
that is prime um so we basically yeah we
kicked it off they give you two minutes
on stage
and we wanted to show the rap video and
yeah that that's that's actually the tv
in a word in a world where devices
that's totally rough so
um yeah ginger squatch uh not not tech
support tonight i'm sorry
so we're we're going to stay on the uh
the other story there yeah i i agree
with you by the way
cupcake we're gonna we're gonna go zoom
that out so that's
this is basically
this is the literal seam in the crime we
have like
alex you're what are you doing there
he's controlling
i was i was doing my bad collision
like jumping around with a little
further because the little
basically it was like a side scroller
right so you have the little box and you
across the ledges and you push down and
you'd enter into the
into the video yep no and uh
carenina just is this thing gonna work
like she's seen
too many versions of this pre-release i
you did all right that's good that's
that's the faith face um
we we were very worried about this
wiring i remember being super delicate
and like just don't touch the wires
don't pull on the cartridge
and she managed to actually get us in
front of the whole crowd
like that was this was in building a and
we're just
did we win was this was this the win i
mean this was netflix on the original
nintendo clearly we must have won right
we lost so for all of those that
ask that this we actually we lost 100
percent this was not a win so i'm
assuming this is proprietary software
yes it is proprietary software it's
owned by netflix
i cannot release it so i guess
carenina could make that decision on
behalf of netflix but we're not gonna
we're not gonna do an ip right stream we
could get emily in here for that maybe
maybe she would rejoin us
and this led to a very interesting
situation because
while we lost the press loved it
i mean there was like a million views
half a million views on this on youtube
on like the video and you know it just
not the rap video
the official video that got released for
that day but
um yeah that was um
they made me record a separate video
yeah they gave they talked to her
because she's actually the same one of
like the three of
us all right get in a room i'm just
gonna record you talking about it
that was the super annoying monday
version of the video that was do we i
don't know should we
should we do should we show them the
video it's it's bad i mean i
no no no no they can go find the video
if they want
to you can go find the video
sorry 715. so it is public you can find
all right so that was that's that's hack
number one
um so it turned out what did we learn
amazingness doesn't win no technical
is not good enough that was that was the
biggest lesson i think
alex is that fair
it didn't matter that we didn't win the
trophy we still won
i mean i i completely agree like i feel
like we
we won even though we didn't win we were
like we definitely need to do this again
yeah yeah and we did yeah and we did
and then it was like absolutely not
about winning a trophy it was just
let's do something awesome again that
actually was
and i i just took this because i thought
it would just be fun for
you know to look because finally they
brought in a film crew
and you know legit like captured it
instead of like us doing it doing a
selfie on stage
didn't they create a new fun cat yes
there was hk cupcake is right there was
there was no
fun category at the time and we think
that that was
probably one of the main contributors to
i mean so the winning hack
was a useful hack right versus like the
which was i don't think you could
describe it as useful
it was impressive it was but that useful
not quite okay so we
that was that was fun though right so we
learned it fueled us we basically said
fine we're good to go but like this
clearly we do not know
i had to i promised the two of them like
we're gonna win we're definitely gonna
win 100 we're gonna win
there's no way we could not win this is
netflix on the original nintendo we're
we have a rap video we're gonna win
i was wrong okay i need to tell all of
you today i was totally wrong
i take the blame for that um so and
there it is 715 actually dropped the
video in the
that's the awful video that's that's the
awful video okay we're not going to show
that on stream
that's the awful video okay that was
that was the popular video that everyone
saw that was not our rap video
we do do we have the rap video link
you posted the rap video where yeah
where is it
what you posted on youtube i know it's
i uh come on seven five where are you on
that one
why are you digging up the terrible
that's like the monday morning like alex
and i are trying to like have coffee
carenina is holding the camera like come on
youtube be funny we're like
not not feeling it oh they found it yep
that's it
this is it okay thank you all right
let's let's throw that one up there
let's um
i'm gonna i'm gonna just scene steal
that one and we're gonna
we're gonna see the magic wow that's is
that loud for everybody
was that super loud don't see or hear
um i feel like that might have been loud
well anyway just tell us if i need to
lower this
no but we just need the rap video can we
have the wrap video all right yeah
everything can do so it gets better with
a little bit of wrap actually you can't
hear it
oh it's it's coming through for me are
you guys getting this on stream
is chat are you getting this
they're all watching they can hear it
oh yeah and of course we get a rebuffer
as soon as i
as soon as i do that great netflix on
the nes did not rebuffer
no we were fast like we were lightning
fast all right you know what i'm
reloading this i feel like
at that point all right we got a little
surprise for you today so uh
let's just call it carrying sugar here's
caranina doing the
behind for the next presentation and
that is nintendo entertainment systems
so that means there are 61.91 million
devices in the world
so what is the regional distribution in
reality it's
all over the world the whole world
carenina you were awesome
she's doing world 1-2 in super mario you
see that
she talked through that
yeah here's the here you go here's the
rap video
we did not win i want you all to know
this was not a winning hack
all right so we actually wrote this
thing this really happened it's not a
we have a horrible system and it's not
that does amazing things and that he
called it
and there's the directors there's vp
delivery yep is gonna show this to you
you hear that beep that by the way is
time we were overtime
that's working they knew it worked
super mario brothers side scrolling
little problem there with collision
house of cards 2 just coming out mdp
we had the social features in the ui
that's the time beep right there there's
the video
all right i honestly i don't know how we
i don't know how we lost i thought that
was it
uh everyone after was like that wasn't
really on the nes was it
that was real that we went too far
no i think you're right carenina i'm going
with your story i i like that question a
ton i was like
no really it was working you saw a demo
it was live no
totally totally i i mean it was a flashy
mess the night before
oh yeah alex
tell them what you asked me what was the
question you asked me
the night before with the flashy mess we
like so that night was nuts it was like
late and i'm like trying to get
like all the tile maps figured out and
guys like deep in these text files he's
like from the old bbs's like trying to
figure out how to
get playback to work right and i look
over at him and i was like
hey uh what what do you do you think
there's going to be anyone with epilepsy
in the crowd
because it's just i mean
i i just looked at alex i'm like i'm
like no no wrong question
wrong question how bad is it what do you
mean everyone has
anyone has epilepsy what what does the
playback look like
i flipped the laptop around he's just
like no
no no that's all we need is somebody
gets an epileptic seizure in the
audience because it was this flashy
we call it the flashy mess build that's
not complete
i forgot about that that was epic that's
when you got really serious and you went
into the internet i went super deep
i was like i was like brain don't fail
me now
this is the time okay that was
that was epic we got there but that
wasn't that wasn't the end that
basically just got us ready for
what was next so of course we had to
start with the next
hack being a little more global so
this is us at the table ripping apart
the netflix trying to figure out how did
we lose
okay so there we are like there's nes
ripped open there's a pack of stuff
going with raspberry pies there's
like adapters coming out and we're just
like how did we lose
there's even a diagram on the wall look
at the level of detail
okay that i just want you all to
appreciate the level of detail here
so um and we said that's not gonna work
and caranina what did you say i don't
know what did i say you did
line there's a video of this
yes there's a video we basically did uh
why don't we hack the world
oh yes that that's literally 715 is
totally right half the planet we we said
we said let's just hack the whole world
let's let's get netflix to work anywhere
in the world
that was before we actually did it
we didn't know it was happening
yeah we there's our ascii map of the
world alex pumping away trying to so
we're trying to figure out our spherical
trigonometry carenina not remembering
both of us not remembering how to do
algebra half an ellipse how do you plot
like we wanted like a map line sort of
like indiana jones going across but of
course you always have like big ideas
going in then like you know it's like a
two second clip of like
the actual reality it took us like 45
minutes to figure that out 45 minutes
for and we did it on that white board
but eventually
that's okay because this was
here i am in kazakhstan running our code
on the back of a taxi in the middle of
i said i said fine if they think that we
faked the nintendo
i'm going to make sure there's nowhere
even close that could possibly have
wi-fi or anything like that like i want
a field
empty they thought you faked this
i think they thought they would make
than the other one they they called this
fake no no
i was literally in kazakhstan literally
doesn't know him and he thinks he's
gonna pull something outside
is not close anywhere right it's okay
won't scratch
don't scratch that blanket i forgot
about that
i didn't have time we didn't we didn't
get the infrared controller working so
we actually plugged in a keyboard for
i had an inverter i learned that the
russian word for inverter is
inverter so i
actually managed to buy an inverter and
there it is and i got
i got in trouble for this too because
they looked at this and they said why
did you use it man
we don't have rights on ip man you can't
do that i was
like what are you talking about this is
it man he's awesome like no that was
uh what is in the beverage container
it's actually here here you go behind
the scenes because you all showed up
tonight it is actually empty
it's we're actually not drinking
anything i'm just doing my best
to explain to that taxi driver it's like
hold this thing he's like but it's empty
he was really upset about that actually
because that that type of
like that that's called a samovar and
that that container
is makes like the best kind of tea in
the world
like that's what they believe i
i don't know if that actually makes the
best tea the world but it makes very
good tea and
he's like looking at this thing he's
like you're gonna do the samovar we're
gonna have like really good tea and i'm
no no we're just gonna like hold it up
and like like pretend to drink and he's
just like
no way and i'm like
he's looking at this and he goes he goes
uh he's good it's just play video i i
buy this what this is called
i was like no it's it's a hack and like
i just forget trying to translate hack
super awkward moment but anyway so we we
show this there i am
you can actually see into the cup there
little bit shot reveal
you can see there's nothing in it it's
if that means vodka
no i'm none of that spy stuff stealth
oh man wolfe you totally got them left
i'm sorry but i am not sorry you are not
i'm not a spy i am not a spy
okay by the way this is when our
co-workers started to suspect that he
might be a spy
yes and did not believe that we really
did this they thought this was fake they
thought this was like a field in the
middle of like
california the video was
great too i thought the video it was
it was a great video i think the problem
is people saw it and they were like
what did i just see they
you only get a short period of time for
the video you have two minutes
yeah and so we we showed you actually
going to the market in kazakhstan
getting a tv
drive finding a taxi driver driving out
to the field in the middle of nowhere
setting it up
and like we tried to tell the story we
it oh man i
very so we still lost i have not won a
hack day yet at this point like
here's my like i i mean i thought the
netflix slime that nintendo would win
i thought that like showing i agree with
caranita showing in the middle of
nowhere would totally win
no no still didn't get a trophy we we
lost again i don't i don't even know
what we lost to
i don't remember what happened that year
but we we lost again
i felt like a winner it was fun i i did
too and that
i think fuels the third hack when we
you know what i i don't know why these
are super micro
this is this tack was named honey badger
because i got up there and i went you
know what i don't give up
anymore i i just i'm done
i i don't i don't care win or lose i'm
i'm done trying to win i'm
i'm looking at the audience i'm like i'm
done with all of you this this
this whole thing this is not good and so
alex finds this brilliant ascii art of a
honey badger
i don't know how i found that i have no
idea where we got the honey badger
art but the artwork was amazing
did you show the plane ticket i did cam
i had ticket stubs i had like stamps in
the passport nobody believed me
didn't didn't matter yep no i
there's an entire video proving that it
was real hk cupcakes totally
i bought a tv i it was like it was
non-existent tv it was like a samsang or
something like it
was it was not a real tv it's not
allowed to be sold in the us like
whatever it was
yes it's tiny then yeah that
again we we just did it wrong i don't
know what and that's why honey badger
we're just like you know what honey
badger don't give up
anything he's just he just wants his
lolimas he wants
yeah it was like sam sang or something
like that so we basically just kind of
gave up on winning i i this time i did
not tell the two of you that we were
gonna win
i made no promises i i said we didn't
think we were going to
no i said i don't care i was about to
get fired
and i was like yep don't care
get a show and so we were going after um
this was like doing binary serialization
so we had this thought that like you
know the
netflix app was like really too heavy it
wasn't working well
in kazakhstan when we tested it we knew
that there was way too much connectivity
going back and forth and so
alex what did we do
we uh we wrote a web server
and we we scraped the catalog and we put
everything into a very small payload
that took one request and then
everything just worked
yep and we did a side by we had a side
by side of
yes yes we did of our product and then
we had us the real product
and and ours was better
caranita was building that presentation
and she was trying to get me into the
mode to explain this and i
didn't do as good a job as what alex
just did and i
went to a whiteboard and i was like
there's lines there's just lots of lines
you liked that didn't you carenina i i
did i drew a bunch of lines and then i
was like okay and then it becomes one
right yeah yeah and we had this whole
argument we had we like had a fight
about them about lions it was so stupid
and then eventually you were just very
adamant about something i was very tired
alex was like guy you're being
stupid stop
and i i i stopped
i was like oh what would we do without
i was like okay what would we do without
carenina you know because
i don't know if you remember the real
name of the last project but
it wasn't called stream possible
anyway um
sorry but yeah it always starts of like
we would go to lunch
and like there's this time of year where
it's like hack day right it's coming up
and we go to lunch and then like we're
eating and guy looks up and he's like
okay i have the hack and then we talk
about it and then we and then like we go
to kerania and she's like you cannot
call it
you can't you can't do that like
uh which one will you join and like i
will if we rename it
yes executive veto
you can't call it that that's just
that's out and i have to tell everybody
hacker extraordinaires in training
hacker extraordinaire has already
experienced like
if you don't have a carenina find a carenina
because the
i can't tell you how many bullets we
because carenina is like no
no you can't do that that was
um yeah so anyway we ended up
this at this point i was having an
argument with the api team
about this single line you know why
don't we just have everything come back
and they were like
they're like no no no it's fine you know
don't worry the server's doing like 100
rps i'm like 100 rps that thing's like
36 cores like how could you have 100 rps
that's like
3 rps a core my phone could do that
and they said okay there and i was in ui
at the time they were like they're like
okay ui dev like you know
shoot you know like like you your phone
can't do three rps and i looked at alex
and i was like we are going to do
three rps on this phone like that
this what you're what you might have
missed in the detail this is d2
att build this is actually cyanogen
running on a samsung actual samsung
galaxy s3 phone
phone our server was a phone okay we
brought the phone on stage
that there's the phone look at this
beautiful ui
it just showed the rps
what do you see there 4.6 rps
i was like my phone is better than your
what's basically like that and so that
was this was the testing harness we uh
we were doing load balancing we were
what was going on this is actually at
the hack day venue you can see the
reserve for hackers up here
and this we were having an overheating
problem this was the uh
when i was trying to do the cyanogen mod
build it was actually overheating my
and it would fail to build and i traced
it forever thinking it was like
some sort of out of memory thing or like
the power would just shut off at a
certain time i had no idea what it was
it was heating
the server was overheating at about the
same point in each build
it was terrible i actually just pulled
the cpu off i
applied the arctic silver number seven
and uh
actually it was arctic silver number
five and uh
we got through the build so that's us
on stage uh i think maybe carenina
took this shot i was i was really
dropping the mic on this one i feel like
this was a
i was trying my best to be clean in this
but oh did we drop frames did we
did i lose you two i'm here oh okay cool
sorry everybody if it's uh drop in
frames but yeah so that's actually
if you didn't notice him he's there he
had worked on the ui
side of this and that just like alex
said we had side by side with the real
and the phone as the server the phones
are sitting down there
yeah that is prime you were right hk
so by the way thanks for the follow
vinicius faryadev
um and that's that's our helper
i think i think i think alex can take
this one
that is oliver that is our
that is our hacker secret right there he
he could he just pounds out the vim
when he when he wants to he just
totally does it and uh yeah
so i basically just walked off the stage
i was like all right you know what
honey badger don't give i don't care
about your votes i don't care about your
walked away and we won
well by the way that side to side really
worked well
and the one that was off of the three
mobile phones
oh okay yep um yeah we
actually did win that that was that was
our first hack day trophy
but we lost on the nintendo we lost on
stream possible in the middle of
and we just thought you know what no
chance in hell we're gonna win on this
but we don't care
it's just that honey badger don't care
oliver cared but honey badger didn't
care and we
we won that that was our first award
i don't know alex i did not expect to
win on that one
no we were just i mean because it's
always the end and you're sitting there
and like they they name all the
categories and they call people up and
we're just kind of wrote it off and
we're like
you know on our phones and then all of a
sudden they said honey badger we looked
up we're like what
no no i thought i thought it was a sick
this was meant to lose we were like
offending the audience
yes that i actually thought that was a
like yeah i mean i was definitely
speaking to the
api crowd at the time but
um that's uh this is actually the i'm
just because there was just a great
moment in that video
where we uh we got to the actual hack
and i want to say it was
down yep this is it write themselves for
this one
and then raspberry dub if you can get
set up to my left
we can we can jump ahead there's the
lines you see the lines
and then everybody else in the world
starts using it and we get all these
lines that's just
bad there's no like lines last line
one or two requests binary serialization
let's do it so
we said let's send all that to a cell
phone yeah guys needs more lines
give me more lines
guess who i was talking to there this is
actually a picture of what you're
looking at over here
you're so animated guys
this is production this side
and we did
slightly better oh no this was
phones are serving this this is a phone
so this
that was the best one this is a phone
this is prod
that that was it that
i i liked it okay so
where do we go primogen just rocking it
right there
getting the ui tamed
that's right we went for all of the
blood of
wallachia that's right because after
that we actually
did a version of the nes
because castlevania was coming out
and i don't know why that's not there it
they said they said to us yeah
can we borrow it can we use it for the
castlevania launch can we use the
netflix on nintendo thing because
castlevania is like a nintendo game if
you don't know i'm like
and can you build uh
build a castlevania version for it no
they originally said that they were
going to use computer graphics it was
going to be a cg
version and that's what i said i was
cg we're going to do the real thing like
alex do we know how to repack this stuff
so that we can get the video
for castlevania working on there nope
that's exactly what alex said to me the
two of us were staring at the code we're
like i have no idea
we're going to get this door like can
you have it like tomorrow too we're like
no so they we we
shipped it down to the la office and i
declared the package
declared value i called it 35 bucks
because that was the value of the
castlevania list price and i said plus
all the blood of wallockia
fedex had no problem with it so they
were like yep we're good
so that basically led to us
going to there's the alcohol because we
had to clean the connector
i had to replace the connector in the
nes because it was acting up
so i took the alcohol swab there's the
castlevania cartridge we were all set to
it yep fedex is full honey badger i
completely agree cam
okay and so this is actually the shoot
this is
you've seen the castlevania video you
saw up close with the nintendo and the
this is actually the shot this is the
behind the scenes
this is one i i still feel like i
deserve a sag credit because
speaking line i think blowing on a
cartridge counts as a speaking line
no no
okay i totally don't have a set credit
for that but
okay so we left castlevania we knew what
we were doing with the nintendo we
finally figured out how to
clean up the code and get it to work
again and
they yep got it for castlevania we moved
on to
i don't know here in a box this was
actually i have no pictures of this
but this was the idea was
have a uh you know take any idle compute
resources at netflix
and have them work on the cure for
cancer so we called it the cure in the
box it was running folding at home
similar to what you saw in the commodity
compute series that i started up
and uh yeah we started cranking away
but we lost again
turns out nobody wanted to cure cancer
okay so
um i don't know i don't know why that
one didn't win
i thought that was probably our winner
our best humanitarian
hack and that brought us to
one of our best fun and i feel like alex
take this one off around back to the
whimsical basically
yeah we just it's like we started we
started with fun and we went through all
these other iterations it's like let's
have fun again
right yeah at least on the nintendo
and the others like we in kazakhstan
what was that karadina i wanted to dress
up again yeah we wanted to dress up we
wanted to get in costume we want to have
a good time
we wanted to go steampunk they and
actually that's kind of where the
challenge starts with bogdan
bogdan says to us like you guys got to
work you got
netflix running on the original nintendo
that's not old enough
and what did bogdan do like a tube tv
yes it took like a 60s tube television
which was beautiful and he got netflix
working with the knobs you could turn
the knobs and it was like
the volume knob was like up and down and
the the channel knob was left and right
and he got the navigation working on
like a legit like
60s television he goes i went further
back you and your 80s
netflix nintendo i'm going onto like a
60s television like yeah piss off
and i was like bogdan your legend and by
the way bogdan
will be on the show next week so for
those of you dropping by next week
bogdan is
scheduled he's he's in he and i told him
we're showing that tv so you're going to
see the tv next week so
we weren't going to stop there we were
we wanted to get dressed up we wanted to
have a little more fun we didn't care if
we were going to win or lose we were
honey badgers at this point
and we just said you know what let's
just go back how can we
end this war how can we go back to the
of communications like like where does
it begin
like and that was basically the
telegraph key
we said let's just get a telegraph key i
was originally going to get one of those
like plastic telegraph keys my dad who
was an engineer he
he heard my idea goes you're not getting
that you're gonna go get a brass
telegraph key you need like a fine
victorian era
like brass telegraph key
i feel like this fits the description
this you can actually see it we cleaned
it up here in the corner
this is you could just make it out but
this is american telephone and telegraph
this is legit
a t when the t meant telegraph
and now we had to figure out how to hook
this thing up to netflix so
what what did we do we got multimeters
carenina was like
i at least you got the name right right
oh my goodness i think actually you came
up did you come up with the name on this
one i i don't remember
i don't know i don't remember as while
ago but
it was this one was like we usually
sometimes struggled with names this one
i felt like came a lot easier than some
of the other ones like like we already
nest flicks darnest we you know stream
possible was a naming save by carenina
that was like really frustrating you
know honey badger didn't give a you know
and that was easy um
here in the box actually that one came
back that was a blast from the past
to revisit it but this this one i felt
like this one just rolled off the tongue
it was just a piece of cake
let's use a telegraph key let's let's
just let's have a little fun with the
iphone team
and that if i may presume upon you too
could you give a little taste
of the way you introduce this hack
in your steampunk gear you have your
steampunk gear oh my god
i don't have mine oh no no but it's in
the photo you you could
oh my god
carenina is legit steampunked
goggles came like over the weekend right
before it was like right
the last minute or something and they
were they were concerned
they were they were very concerned i had
to get you a shirt
last minute yeah that was super loud we
needed to roll up sleeves we needed
all the like good stuff that was the ui
look at this legit light with the edison
we got the we had fun with this like it
kept that was great
i mean each step it was just like what
could we do next
like how do we up at the next notch
and that's that's all of us i we didn't
even know how to describe that beard
alex i i don't even
know what that's called ah i don't know
we were calling it the no t it's like an
inverse goatee
at the no t i i don't know what it's
actually called it's a legit name i have
no idea what it was
so yeah we we
we're hacking away and we we're having
trouble getting it to work there's
always that point in the hack day
where stuff is just not working
it's like one in the morning or
something and you're like oh yeah we'll
be done by like six or
seven right and it's like one in the
morning you're like this is never gonna
we have everything plugged in alligator
clips on the friggin
telegraph key look at this thing
we mounted it oh yeah we we didn't have
any wood cutting tools
we yeah yeah we got the yeah we got the
block we mounted it we actually got the
wood cutting tools we didn't end up
using them though we didn't have time
i i did have the keyboard by the way
715. it was
talent yes we sacrificed our beards for
this one by the way
that's very very well said thank you
taunts for lurking
and de-lurking all right and so yeah i
had this was actually
i had gotten this at work the kinesis
the first time um
this was before i decided to buy my own
because i was like this is just a great
keyboard but
alex made his own keyboard at this point
he was just like no i'm just going to
make a mechanical keyboard
and then we were like no you know what
we're going to build the
original mechanical keyboard it's the
true single button interface that was it
it's the one true
friendly mutton chops okay that's that's
apparently what it's called
the friendly mutton chops
we were very happy we couldn't believe
that it was working and there it is like
raspberry pi oh wait a minute no no
no it was this one
this is you can see the raspberry pi
zero w in here
hooked up there's the telegraph key on
the signal input
we debounced it in software the three of
us were having trouble getting our morse
table to work
like i remember us reasoning out trying
to get more staccating to work and then
what we did was we took the raspberry pi
actually that's exactly what
well so this is the western union key
you can see the
the pole changer western western union
this is legit off the line western union
key here
and this was actually the description
we had morse code coming off the key
going into the raspberry pi on the gpio
we used the gadget interface to hook it
up to a ps4 i forgot you actually got
that to work on a real ps4
ui i mean it was actually the real
netflix ui
modified for teleflex yes
that and it we had to make it work with
like letters so this had the teleflix
with like you know there was just one
gonna be one big blank and then
if the first one would be a and b and c
and d
and i had to go learn morse code
so you would only text us and message us
on whatsapp via morse code
the first keyboard you used only output
capital characters so you're constantly
yelling at
that was that was an awkward month or
that was i did it though that that i
forgot that character i blew a character
on stage too yeah i did
i know but but you messed up and it made
it real
because then you had to do the backspace
which was a lot of
taps that i recall that yes
that was actually that was probably why
we won on that hack because they
they believed it if you hadn't have
messed up it would have been
unbelievable they're just like oh
whatever it's a fake thing
uh i that made it real whether it's true
or not i appreciate that because i can i
can walk away with that and
be happy they're back retrieving my
ghost what talent
my office mouse which is an old school
oh no
that sounds bad taiwan's real dedication
yes i was learning it
um and alex we loved those those goggles
they were they were same hat
yep which doesn't work well with the
and this was the actual real code on the
showing the key to coding
that was the special case so that you
could uh do a space or a comma
because morse code does not yeah
yeah cause space in morse code is just
weight right you know
because it actually does there's no code
for you just wait
so yeah this is the netflix ui this is
part of netflix ui that has been
hopefully removed
but um this was part of
the javascript tv ui that um
ran on a ps4 and alex actually got that
to work
i i still feel like that was probably
i mean despite the fact that the nes was
an amazing presentation
you two killed it with your opener i
i i that i feel like that deserves
like we have to see that like like we
can't we can't skip that right
you have it hello it's on youtube what
no that's the one that's not on youtube
no it's not
i i might have a video of that i i
thought it
oh my god that was like the greatest
youtube killed it it was
really fun um and then we did it again
are we allowed to mention that i feel
like that's
um we're not allowed to mention that
um you know what is it in one of those
videos oh i have a video of it
uh can you send it to me oh i don't i
have a setting up
that's terrible yes okay it's not that
let's just see if it's in one of these
ones you sent no it's not
oh bummer well it was hey what's up
floppy yeah it was actually just one of
the greatest prisons you you too
i feel just just killed it
i told them at the time when we were
setting up and trying to work out like
our onstage script i was like look
i barely am holding it together with
morse code so please don't ask for any
interaction from me i
i don't have the brain power i just
everything is dedicated to morse code
and trying not to screw up
and they they i was like you gotta carry
this and they
friggin over delivered like a million
i don't even know how to describe that i
it was a whole i mean it was a carnival
barker routine
like i had been practicing because we i
used we used to live up in the mountains
and so it was like a 45 minute commute
or something
i would just like practice it every day
driving to work
um so then the day of we did it
i don't know i can't even i couldn't
even attempt to try to
replicate that now it took so much
practice but it was awesome
yeah but just crushed it all right we
don't have the video i wish we had the
video though
there's gonna be a video somewhere all
right now i need to put it on youtube
all right so that i felt was
a pretty solid tour of some of the
greatest hacks
that how do you i mean is that
is that fair we we won two of those i
i just felt like we should have won more
obviously but they
that yeah the other hacks are good i
mean talking
about bogdan did the vending machine
right oh yeah
oh no those are amazing hacks oh they
were amazing
not that yeah i'm not saying those were
the only good hacks yeah no i'm just
saying like
like i feel like good that that was that
was a solid show
i feel that oh definitely that
i think that was pretty legit good good
solid hackery
what about the hack that never was yeah
can we talk about that are we allowed to
talk about that carenina
which of the hacks that never worked yes
so basically we did
we like we got the hacks the one we had
the hacks that lost we had the
hacks that made the blog the ones that
obviously like didn't get videos up and
and then this is the hacker never was oh
wait by the way was like two weeks
a half day yeah
we were hack monsters at that point we
were just just cranking out hacks
and it it was it was the olympics
and netflix was in the news a lot
yup i and netflix was
in the news for the during the olympics
because of
the famous the infamous red girard
let me let me let me just get this for
everybody may
not know about red girard red gerard was
a snowboarder
um and he was i'm just i'm just going to
google this like real fast well i'm
going to duck duck go it
um and he was red gerard
was doing some netflix when he was in
the winter olympics
in i want to say it was korea there was
was it russia i think it was russia all
i don't know why i remember yeah and he
almost slept through his medal
um like he he always
he almost missed his event and he was
netflix the entire night and
just like couldn't stop watching
like he just was finished he was
before his olympic medal event and
that yes and he still manages to wake oh
his teammate woke him up
and said oh you don't don't you have
like a snowboarding medal like you have
to go like compete
and he like oh man i totally overslept i
missed like call and everything else
and so he just comes running out and
wins a gold medal like for the u.s
like just snowboards to victory like i
don't know if he was half asleep i don't
know what happened he just
like it was press everywhere and so i go
running over to our social media person
and i'm like this is this is actually
the communication i said
this is i i saw opportunity i have a
ready and willing to build red gerard a
bespoke netflix alarm clock
one of a kind only there's only one of
these in the world we will build an
alarm clock just for red gerard we we
sent it over like la was just like
you know what we're going to do the
licensing because he was like watching
brooklyn 99 and then
like so we added that as the alarm
we got rights on that they they managed
to license it so that like just for this
one bespoke clock
and that and and that of course this is
the response i get from social oh my god
can you build this right so we did we we
just built it over the weekend basically
we we just
cranked we we went cranking this
i told you before she was an electrical
and we had a raspberry pi 3
we wanted to put in the clock we were
trying to do it on pi zero but like you
know the sound was like
not it didn't have a sound port or it
was like
not loud enough or something i forgot
why we switched up to the pi 3.
i don't know i don't remember something
like that but using
this yeah there was a snoozy uh it was
playing the
so i don't i don't remember what went
wrong but for some reason we were like
okay last minute let's just go with a
pie three
so we took a pie three and we fit it
into the clock that like our friend
francois had
had just quickly crafted this case
i was in misery trying to get that to
work that
totally yeah that's after we got it yeah
there it is okay so here's the prototype
like just legit like there's francois
and alex just staring at this thing
and it didn't fit like
we couldn't get it to fit and so we go
running over to carenina you know
you're the only electrical engineer here
she's like i'm not pleased but
she she goes and desolders a bunch of
the usb
connectors so that it just made the size
to fit inside
the clock we're like i'm like i don't
need these usb connectors
that's nice one nice one judo panda
pants we
actually just pulled that together at
the last minute and
she desoldered it i was having a bug
because it was like
not like we had the year set wrong it
wouldn't keep the time and then like
i don't know it was i mean that's it's
kind of geeky i don't know but
the it is a live coding stream normally
if you ever use tickle tk or your pi tk
and you have it modify the the time of
the system
um everything will stop because it uses
the system time for the
timers and so when you roll it back
everything just stops nothing
happens so yeah the timers never trigger
that was there
exactly so we had built an alarm clock
that never
alarmed thank you
so the quick start guide highlighted
made a quick start guide for this clock
there's one of these in the world
it was just like she's like all right
let's there's the speakers
you can even see the speakers on the
desk like this is we
we grabbed we went shopping at fry's
electronics we grabbed some
speakers we got the loudest ones we
could we had a usb
hub in there to power so we could not
deal with the regulations
there's like the original pi zero we
were just
everything there's the pi three we
switched over man
it just was not coming together it was
like a really hard hack
when stocking had to be like perfectly
balanced inside so it didn't actually
fall and
deconnect while it was in transit or
well you used it
well that that's what that's right
because we actually had a usb
connector and we wanted it so you could
plug it in but when you pushed it in it
was like too much insertion for so it
would knock the connector
i mean okay we end up
yes and when you snoozed it just kept
um yeah it had it's it's a little quirks
that made it we thought we're very fun
and played with the brooklyn nine-nine
thing we we went with it
wasn't very loud yeah it was not loud
enough oh yeah it was very quiet
oh that's right themed no we
fixed that that was a documentation fix
that's why we had the documentation
because we were like
this is a very polite waker upper
it it's it's not too loud it was olympic
caliber non-judgmental netflix wake
rubber that was
carenina came up with the phrase that
got burned into the plastic
that just there's the deer red on top of
the clock
there it is it's just you know from love
there was actually oh and there was even
a secret code in there
that gave him free netflix for a while i
had the easter egg yeah
yeah if he ever figured it out it
actually this was
the greatest clock in the world and it
the hack that never happened it's the
hack that never happened that's right
because there is there's a sad
everything sounds good look at this case
bogdan comes in and he goes no this is
the kind of case you need okay you got
to get one of these cases
you got to mount it look at the
documentation read me
the readme is just sitting there like
waiting to be read carenina did like a
nice job he
pulled that together amazingly and we
had to like ship it so that it was like
the connector was still plugged in or
something like that
yeah and yeah there it is here it is
the full legit experience this this is
we have the the power adapter still
plugged in
the jigsaw puzzle casing and the readme
in inside this beautiful cave oh you can
actually read
the text it's
dear red congratulations on your gold
medal please accept this humble gift of
custom-made olympic caliber
non-judgmental it doesn't judge you how
much netflix you watch
netflix waker upper recommended for
those who have a hard time
saying no to just one more episode
that was the greatest hack we never did
that and i think this is the first time
we've ever we were so proud
yeah we were so proud i'm doing my
freaking dancing
like i'm i'm hearing the tetris song in
my head at this point like that alex is
like i'm tired
and bogdan's like i told you the case
was cool i told you the case was cool
like francoise like i can't believe this
worked caranita's like
sweet we're really doing this
that's my dramatic interpretation of the
team photo
that i i thought that was netflix oh
that and bogdan
snuck out in the middle of the night to
spray paint that n on
yes perfect i mean
he stenciled that thing on like outside
in the parking lot like in the parking
yes permanently a little bit of red and
slight splatter maybe maybe not um
and that this was the original design
i don't know if we went with this like
yeah that's right it would
try to tell you how much binge time was
remaining and it was touch sensitive
it was you just tap it and it would
and it yeah that that this is us
programming it
on the pi default by background
there's the code you could see a little
bit of the code right there
we had to get the easter eggs to work
that was that was the greatest hack that
we never released
so that there's only one of these in the
world and nobody on this call knows
where it is
two other people at netflix red gerard
never got it
actually we don't know maybe red gerard
got it we honestly don't know what
happened to it
this was an amazing i mean just look at
this final box this is just so
so beautiful i i don't know
that well and that was
that was basically the greatest hack
that we never did
i and then of course well at one point
we decided we were going to go to the
because this was this is probably me
frustrated this
and we actually didn't you know this was
this was about us building
a launcher so we were going to use a
and put netflix in outer space because
we figured if we lost in kazakhstan
then we just we'd already covered most
of the world so we might as well just
start building netflix on the next
yeah i it never happened that we didn't
we didn't build this hack but it was it
turns out it's really hard to get
permission to launch this kind of thing
jacob found uh our teleflex
oh really
um and i'm i'm dropping off in about
four minutes okay well let's
let's why don't we wrap up with that
then why don't we just
why don't we look at our teleflix
amazing presentation from youtube
and all right let's do that
ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
children of all ages first we brought
you netflix on the nintendo and then we
brought you netflix to the fields of
kazakhstan and then we serve the entire
off of a pair of cell phones but what we
have to show you today will both stupefy
and amaze you more so than the previous
three hacks combined
so we have gone back in time and we
found a device without the likes of
which all the fine men and women of this
room would be without jobs for it was
the birth of digital communication
and so with great sacrifice we have
resurrected this technology to bring it
to your living room
from the workshop of cirino, wolfe and motion
may i present to you
that awkward pause you don't know what
they're going to go for
human interface device the telegraph key
we have taken their invention the one
true single button interface and we've
integrated it with
effects to give you the most optimal
viewing i'm typing
this is real tapping
are in advance my colleague
is now demonstrating
the efficiency of our system
i like it so carenina how does telefix
uh so what we see here is oh it took
forever to delete
actually i know that's right and
beforehand you were dreading it you were
you're like um
authentic once we got a time we still
had it
restored and it's from the american
telephone and telegraph company
and we've taken that and actually
attached it to
a raspberry pi where we put in code and
made a decoder that translates that into
keystrokes and connected to the ps4 so
you said that we restored a telegraph
key i imagine after so many years a lot
of gunk would build up on it
well as you can imagine the user
experience has to be custom tailored for
the single button
and so we've simplified the search
experience inside darwin to match the
simplicity and elegance of our input
there's the time thank you all right
thank you
that was amazing thank you for taking
us forward into the future with
what's the expected reach of that as
long as your cable will go oh
nice one carenina that was just awesome
i you know that's a pretty good place i
feel like that that covers all the hacks
that that was awesome i
wanna i think we're gonna go short
stream tonight for everybody that
tuned in uh i wanna say that you two
were that was some of the most fun
hacking i ever had
i mean i think that that was just always
great and
thank you for coming on the show thank
you for having us
it was really fun to go through this
little watch
appreciate it yeah this was um we are
going to go
uh these these are the the first from
the power hackers series carenina
and alex i feel like you know you could
it's just if you're going to hack you
want to find people like this so um
definitely participate in hack days
definitely hack as much as you can
i think that everybody who watches live
coding on twitch probably is into that
kind of thing in general but
uh let's let's just say that yeah
exactly so uh for everybody else there
will be another
bogdan who you saw earlier what the
clock is going to be on next week
and saturday i'm going to be coding on
the nes because you know
now you saw where it all started with
the yeti so thank you everybody for the
and i hope to see you around soon